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Legal Guidance for Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART)

Camille Patti is a New Orleans Family Law & Adoption Attorney who provides affordable and caring legal services for individuals and families considering adoption and/or Assisted Reproduction. ART (Assisted Reproduction Technology) can alleviate the burden of infertility on individuals and families, but it comes with its own set of unique challenges. Camille has the knowledge and skills you need to be a powerful advocate and legal representative in these matters.

Adoptive & ART Legal Services in New Orleans

Attorney Camille Patti considers it a privilege to assist those desiring to make the dream of family formation a reality, and can provide the legal guidance and preparation you need. Camille is fully committed to providing her clients with a solid legal foundation to begin the journey of parenthood.

Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) is an area of particular legal scrutiny that requires a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer to navigate. Having clear legal guidance as you prepare for and undertake this journey is imperative to your sense of well-being and confidence.

Legal contracts and consents are of particular importance when using ART to build your family. Camille is well-versed in all aspects of ART and adoptions in Louisiana. Individuals and families can be confident in her legal guidance and preparatory efforts on their behalf. Camille is your compassionate and skilled legal advocate before, during and after the ART and adoptive process.

Skilled Counsel and Representation for Adoptions in Louisiana

Attorney Camille Patti represents both birth and adoptive parents through the adoption process, and knows how to apply the correct legal principles to each unique situation. She assists her clients with:

  • Private & Intra-Family Adoptive Services
  • Assisted Reproduction Contracts
  • Gestational Surrogacy Contracts
  • Drafting & Reviewing all Adoption Contracts
  • Birth Parents’ Rights
  • Guidance on Louisiana Law
  • Legal Pleadings

Regardless of your chosen method for family formation, adoption or Assisted Reproductive Technology, Camille can craft contracts based on your wishes and specific legal needs, while adhering to Louisiana law and meeting personal or legal timelines.

Attorney Camille Patti is uniquely suited as a Family Law and Adoption Lawyer, with a master’s degree in sociology, a doctorate in family law and personal experience as both a mother and step-mother. Camille is committed to assisting her clients with growing their family, working tirelessly to help your family formation legal process to be as seamless and pleasant as possible.

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