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Camille Patti is a New Orleans Family Law Lawyer who understands the struggles families often face with finances. Every family should have access to quality legal services at affordable rates, so Camille offers flat-rate packages and limited-scope legal services at fair, transparent prices.

Family law matters are often emotionally charged and even complex, but all are personal and should be handled with care and compassion. Attorney Camille Patti handles every case with sensitivity to your needs and circumstances, and you can trust her to be a compassionate and thoroughly professional legal advocate.

Flat-Fee Uncontested Divorce & Family Law Packages in New Orleans

Many family law issues can be handled amicably and without a great deal of argument. For these simpler legal matters, Attorney Camille Patti offers transparent flat-fee pricing for specific packaged legal services in New Orleans. She believes this offers the best deal to make quality legal services accessible for everyone.

Uncontested (default) 103(1) Divorce

If you and your spouse would like to divorce and have already been separated for the required amount of time (6 months without kids or 1 year with kids), this solution is for you. Camille will guide you through the necessary steps and draft and file the paperwork for you.


Uncontested Child Custody Judgment

An uncontested child custody judgment means you and your child’s parent agree on a custody arrangement and would like to make it legally binding. Camille will help you formalize your child custody arrangement and file it with the court.

Add-on Price


Stand-alone price $750

Uncontested Child Support Judgment

An uncontested child support judgment means you and your child’s parent agree to a child support obligation calculated in accordance with Louisiana Child Support Guidelines. Camille will prepare the paperwork and file it for you.

Add-on Price


Stand-alone price $750

Extrajudicial / Uncontested Property Partition

This package is for couples who agree on how to divide assets and debt acquired during their marriage. Camille will draft and file the necessary documents to complete this process.

Add-on Price


Stand-alone price $800

Uncontested Intrafamily Adoption

If your spouse is willing to adopt your child and there is either no acknowledged biological parent or the other biological parent is willing to consent to the adoption, Camille will help you complete the adoption.


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