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A collaborative approach is often the preferred way to deal with the many challenges that come after a couple decides to divorce. A compassionate and knowledgeable mediator can help you to make the best decisions for your family without the pain and trauma of a lengthy court proceeding.

As a trained mediator and licensed family law attorney, Camille Patti can help to facilitate the swift and amicable resolution of the issues that you may be facing.

When You May Need Divorce Mediation

The strong emotions around difficult and complex situations can make it hard to amicably resolve issues. A mediator functions as a neutral third party who assists people with disputes in resolving these disputes by empowering them to make the decisions that are best for them and their family.

For instance, divorce mediation can help parties to resolve issues around custody, support, and division of property without the need for a bitter, expensive and time consuming court process. While the court system is adversarial, mediation is a collaborative process where everyone works towards the resolution of common problems.

Divorce mediation may be the solution to these issues:

Communication Breakdowns
When communication becomes strained and traditional methods seem unproductive, mediation offers a space for open dialogue.

Child Custody Disputes
Mediation helps in creating a child-centric plan, fostering an environment where the well-being of the children takes center stage.

Substantial Asset and Property Division Issues
Dividing assets can easily become a sticking point, especially when those assets are substantial. In these situations, mediation can provide a neutral platform to discuss and find equitable solutions.

Emotional Discord
When emotions are running high and a sense of understanding seems elusive, mediation can help facilitate a more empathetic and amicable resolution.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Divorces are often stressful, emotionally taxing, and overwhelming. Fortunately, mediation is a way to help alleviate these challenges.

Here are some of the benefits of divorce mediation:

Preserving Relationships
By focusing and promoting communication and collaboration, mediation can foster a healthier post-divorce relationship, which may be especially important when children are involved.

Saving Time and Money
Compared to lengthy court battles brought about by adversarial legal representation, mediation is often more affordable by providing fair and realistic solutions. This can save both time and financial resources.

Solutions to Unique Issues
While no divorce is ever the same, certain divorces bring with them especially unique or complex circumstances. Mediation allows for tailored solutions for these situations, addressing the individual needs and concerns of each party involved.

Confidential and Private
Mediation proceedings can help preserve the privacy and dignity of all those involved. They provide a confidential space for discussions that are not made part of the public record.

Unlike court proceedings that are set entirely by the court, divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to choose when the sessions will take place, further promoting an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation.

Easier on Children
Because mediation can better preserve relationships between parents, there is often less stress put on children.

How Divorce Mediation Works

In order to take advantage of the many benefits that a divorce mediator can provide, there is a specific order of events that need to take place for divorce mediation to work:

Initial Consultation
We start by understanding your unique situation, concerns, and goals. We also ensure that divorce mediation will be a good fit for your particular situation. This sets the stage for a mediation process.

Neutral Mediator
Both parties agree to use our services as a neutral third-party mediator in order to facilitate all of the necessary discussions that need to be made, ensuring a balanced and fair dialogue between all parties involved.

Mediation Sessions
With this step, divorce mediation begins. Open and honest communication is encouraged in order to create a collaborative environment and reach solutions that both parties can agree to.

Agreement Drafting
The communication stage should lead to decisions and agreements being made in a legally-binding document. Both side’s attorneys can review and suggest changes to the agreement.

Once those agreements are reached, our team can assist in drafting legal documentation to formalize the decisions made during mediation if the parties aren’t represented by legal counsel. All disputes that can be agreed upon will appear in the agreement, while any open disputes not agreed upon will go through a court proceeding in which the mediator will not participate.

What Factors In a Divorce Most Need Mediation

While any divorce can benefit from a mediation, there are some situations that may especially benefit from this service. These divorces may have certain aspects and factors that can be especially challenging to sort out.

Divorces that benefit the most from mediation include these aspects:

Child Custody and Visitation
Divorce mediation helps in creating an agreement that is centered around the child, putting their best interests first.

Property and Asset Division
From family homes to financial assets, mediation provides a platform to discuss and decide on fair distribution.

Child and Spousal Support
Divorce mediation allows for a more flexible and personalized approach to spousal support arrangements.

Communication and Co-Parenting Plans
Establishing effective communication channels and co-parenting plans are essential aspects that divorce mediators can address.

A Responsive, Organized, and Empathetic Divorce Mediator in New Orleans

Camille Patti understands what a trying situation going through a divorce can be. That’s why she does everything she can to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. This includes providing responsive communication and correspondence, keeping clients informed about what’s going on at each step.

New Orleans Divorce Mediation From a Family Law Attorney

As a skilled New Orleans family law attorney and trained divorce mediator, Camille has the education and experience needed to know what to expect when it comes to providing skilled divorce mediation.

Her insights and understanding allow Camille to quickly anticipate and identify what aspects of a divorce may need special attention. This allows her to cultivate an open and amicable atmosphere that fosters communication between all parties involved.

Combine this with her well-organized and proactive approach, and each party involved can enjoy qualified legal help that alleviates any stress and confusion about what’s taking place during a pivotal time in their life.

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