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Camille Patti is the New Orleans Family Law Attorney Who Knows How to Help

Nothing affects us like family. They are our past, present, and future.

So when it comes to legal matters that affect the family, you deserve representation who understands Louisiana family law and understands you.

As an experienced family law & divorce attorney, Camille Patti combines education, experience, and empathy to help families successfully navigate through what can otherwise be difficult and complex issues.

No matter your family law issue, you can trust Camille to handle your case with care as she helps you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Divorce & Family Law Expertise

Camille focuses on family law issues, including divorce, spousal support, child support and division of property. If you are overwhelmed by the idea of dividing assets, property or parenting time, Camille can guide you through the emotional, legal, and financial aspects of the process with understanding and compassion.


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Flat-Fee Family Law & Uncontested Divorce Packages

Even though Camille has received extensive education and qualifications, she believes that everyone deserves access to qualified, effective legal.

That’s why she provides up-front pricing on legal services with no surprises with her flat-fee packages for uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, property partition proceedings, and uncontested adoption.

When you need skilled family legal services in New Orleans at a price you can afford, contact New Orleans Family Law Attorney Camille Patti.

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Limited Scope Legal Services

If you simply need a document drafted or are on a tight budget, Camille also offers limited-scope legal services. Limited scope representation means your attorney has agreed to provide you with a specific set of services. Rather than paying an attorney to handle all aspects of your case, from start to finish, you can choose the services you need. Some of the most common options include:

  • Drafting pleadings for you to file
  • Legal coaching sessions
  • Reviewing legal documents to ensure they comply with Louisiana law



Know What to Expect When Teaming Up With Camille as Your New Orleans Family Law Attorney

Camille wants you to feel understood and in control when receiving legal help with such personal legal matters as divorce and family law.

Here’s what you can expect when you have Camille represent you as your family law or divorce lawyer:

1. Reach out to her

Whether you call or fill out the form, she’ll quickly review your legal case to see how she can help you.

2. Let her understand your case via a personal consultation

You can schedule a personal consultation in-person or via Zoom to help fill in all of the important details that make your family law case unique. This allows her to get to know you and what you’re facing on a personal level.

3. She makes getting the legal help you need easy

All of the paperwork, forms, etc are done electronically to make getting specialized legal representation fast and convenient for you.

4. Camille goes to work for you

Whether that’s drafting pleadings, contacting the other party’s representation, or anything else you need to get your legal matters moving forward.

5. You’re kept aware at every step

Thanks to Camille’s responsive, proactive communication and systemized approach, you know exactly what’s going on at each step of legal proceedings–right up until matters are taken care of.

Team Up With a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer Who Cares

Camille understands the wide range of emotions a divorce process can create, which is why she believes in providing personalized care and support to every client, beyond just basic legal representation.

Camille Patti always brings knowledgeable guidance and insights into the legal process to help resolve matters as quickly and smoothly as possible.

An Educated Divorce & Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

With a master’s degree in sociology and a doctorate in family law, Camille provides a thorough knowledge of all legal situations that her clients face.

Combine these insights with her personal experience as a mother and step-parent and you have an attorney who helps with both her mind and heart, providing a complete understanding of legal matters along with caring guidance and proactive communication for any family law or adoption case.

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